Infra Hub for Multi tn $ Bitcoin Economy !

About RunesFi!

Backbone of Bitcoin Economy!

The evolution initiated by Ordinals reaches its zenith with Runes. Gear up for the Runes revolution. Crafting the foundation of Runes from scratch. We are the only DeFi Tools Platform for the Multi-Trillion Dollar Bitcoin Economy on Runes Protocol.

Why RunesFi?


Building Infrastructure products for Runes Protocol & First Dex & Bridge, Trading bot, Engraver on Runes!

Rune’s 1st DeFi Platform

With $65M+ trading volume on our testnet, We’re building the First Infra hub for BTC Economy

Engraver on Runes Protocol

Create and dispatch new runes in solo or in batches to anyone with ease.

The Infra Protocol for Bitcoin

Laying the Foundation for the mass adoption of Bitcoin’s DeFi Infrastructure


User-friendly UI/UX & seamless execution

Designed to provide a secure and efficient trading experience for our users, supporting Runes, all the major ordinals and BRC20 tokens. Its ease of use and one-tap conversion feature make it the only DeFi tools hub for multi trillion dollar Bitcoin Economy!

RunesFi’s market potential

Market Potential

RunesFi poised to capture the ~$3 bn DeFi market of Bitcoin. World is waking up to DeFi potential on the world’s most secure network!

1.3 Tn

Bitcoin Mcap, TAM

3.1 Bn

Bitcoin DeFi, SAM


Products by RunesFi

We are developing a diverse range of products for Runes Protocol which includes Dex, Bridge, Trading Bot, LaunchGround, Explorer, Engraver!

Dex on Runes

With more than $60M trading volume on our testnet DEX, We’re building the First DEX on Runes.


Create and dispatch new runes in solo or in batches to anyone with ease.


With public blockchain data of Runes protocol, will deliver extensive explorer data. 


Launchpad & incubator for projects building on Runes, Ordinals or any other L2s.

Bitcoin <> EVM Bridge

The native Bridge from Bitcoin to Ethereum in phase 1 and other most adopted blockchains in phase 2.

First Trading bot on Bitcoin

We are building the first trading for the native bitcoin blockchain and its multi trillion dollar economy.


Roadmap of RunesFi from Q4 2023 to Q2 2025 until Annual Review and future Roadmap Planning

Phase I - Q4 2023
(i)Team Building and Structuring (ii)Initial Product Ideation (iii)Market Research and Analysis (iv)Establishing Foundational Strategies (v)Preliminary Technical Framework Development
Phase II - Q1 2024
(i)Internal Testnet Launch (ii)DEX Incentivised Testnet Launched with Galxe Campaign (iii)Multiple Testnet Campaigns (iv)Community Building and Team expansion (v)Partnership Development (vi)Marketing Campaign Launch
Phase III - Q2,Q3 2024
(i)Transition to RunesFi (ii)Fund Raise (iii)TGE & Listings (iv)RunesBridge Goes Live (v)Publish RunesBridge and RunesDex audit report (vi)Expansion of Liquidity Pools (vii)RunesFi Bot goes live (viii)Strengthening Security Measures
Phase IV - Q4 2024
(i)All Major Runes tokens supported (ii)LaunchGround Goes Live (iii)Runes Engraver goes Live (iv)Calling for incentivised open API for DAPP integration (v)Runes Explorer goes Live
Phase V - Q1 2025
(i)Expansion of partnerships with other major players in BTCFi (ii)Trading Bot for BTCFi & L2s (iii)Bridge to EVM L2s like Arbitrum & Mode(singed)
Phase VI - Q2 2025
(i)Support for restaking infra like babylon (ii)Annual Review and Future Roadmap Planning